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Season 1 - Episode 9 - Donnie Vie - Solo Artist - Ex-Enuff Z Nuff

February 27, 2020 Episode 9 - Donnie Vie - Solo Artist - Ex-Enuff Z Nuff Season 1 Episode 9
Season 1 - Episode 9 - Donnie Vie - Solo Artist - Ex-Enuff Z Nuff
Non-Stop Rock Talk with Tyson Briden
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Non-Stop Rock Talk with Tyson Briden
Season 1 - Episode 9 - Donnie Vie - Solo Artist - Ex-Enuff Z Nuff
Feb 27, 2020 Season 1 Episode 9
Episode 9 - Donnie Vie - Solo Artist - Ex-Enuff Z Nuff

Non-Stop Rock Talk has an in-depth discussion with former Enuff Z Nuff singer Donnie Vie in regards to his latest solo masterpiece 'Beautiful Things', past recordings with his former band and where he stands in regards to his former band carrying on without him. Strap in, hold on tight and be ready for what is to come because this could possibly be the most exclusive interview yet!!! 

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Non-Stop Rock Talk has an in-depth discussion with former Enuff Z Nuff singer Donnie Vie in regards to his latest solo masterpiece 'Beautiful Things', past recordings with his former band and where he stands in regards to his former band carrying on without him. Strap in, hold on tight and be ready for what is to come because this could possibly be the most exclusive interview yet!!! 

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you can't No rock with Faison, right? It's good afternoon, Dani. Thank you for joining me on nonstop rock talk. I have to say that I'm loving the latest out beautiful things. Just before Christmas, my vinyl called, became via Amazon. Ah, immediately put it on. And I have been totally digging it ever since. So much so,

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thank you very much.

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Thank you.

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Yeah. No, um, it was I I got it. And I put it on and listen to a couple times, and then I was going to go by his place for Christmas, and I was like, I gotta take this with me and ah, we listened to it like, multiple times. And my buddy was really digging it too. So

spk_1:   1:41
break you.

spk_0:   1:42
Yeah, no problem. And I, uh, like the direction a lot.

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Yeah. Pretty good. Pretty good record. You know, I sat on the same, uh, most of the years of my career. You know, Liz, enough's enough and everything up sitting in the sense of between hard rock and, uh, you know, boats and melodies. And so, uh, you know, I grabbed I outgrew in office, and often the whole thing that sound in that style I had for a while. But this is a matter of getting out of that starting older. And I think their side and I went for Went for the you know, there's the hard rock and metal guys. They liked it. They didn't quite get the bottle. I sense. And, uh, and, uh, you know, the pops. I was placed first. They didn't necessarily get the soggy bars, so I think the side it was pretty universal and even got reviews. And no, uh, nags. You mean the one came in, was in eight. Like a slug, Like I only got eight minutes, and then I looked at the metal magazine. Well, that's not bad.

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Yeah, that's pretty cool. I, um I actually, I I write for sleaze rocks as well. So it actually was in my top five of the year, which was

spk_1:   3:04
shit. That's right.

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Uh, no, I'm not gonna be making records for, say, any more CDs or dead, and that's all dead. Now it's, you know, this was expensive. And with the pledge music thing, it was a big fucking clusterfuck. And everything's got chaotic and across a bunch of money, But now singles are more practical, and I'm not necessarily pigeonholed Thio Certain specific, um, production sound or style anything. And you know that some I listened to the songs tell me what they want to be and where they want todo And you know, I always make sure that evolve and grow and touch on the news days. And, uh so you know, there's the next up recording one today and they, you know, there. There's no specific genre, but it's definitely my genre now and which I wish I had done many years ago. So that doesn't change with signs of the errors or anything.

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That's awesome, E. I mean, it does it totally has that. I mean, uh, I probably 20 years ago I might not have gotten it. But now, like my my musical tastes of change like I was a metal guy and the little caravans and everything like that. But through the years, my, my my feelings for music have changed, and I started listening to a lot more beetles. So when I put it on, I was like, Oh, man, this is like it's got that feel And you know that John Lennon, Beatles thing, and I really dug that. That's probably what really I gravitated towards on this. So

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there's a lot of styles, you know, Motown. And and you know that in the last instance, I grew up listening Thio like the hits of the seventies radio and things like that at all, uh, no shows for me and and, you know, it was it was strange bringing all Teoh you a hard rock production sound. But that was the band I was in. And and that was you know, it's always fun to plug your guitar left your entire in tow, Marshall, and crank it up, you know? But it is, uh it is a short cut and quick thinking for, uh, production. All the different things that could be there, that air they're trampled over or ah, you replace just like big story did far. So, you know, we were just We were a combo, you know, a four piece combo and did what we could with that. And now, like in the old days number we used, uh I don't know if you're playing his music, but we used Thio try to record what we played in. Nowadays we try to play what we recorded. So it

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gets a

spk_1:   5:55
little tricky Live, But put that together. No,

spk_0:   5:58
I, um I mean, I was What? You what

spk_1:   6:01
you like four years ago? That ain't my fault.

spk_0:   6:05
Well, I mean, it was It was a lot younger. Well, probably. I mean, we're probably thinking it's probably more than 20 years. Were probably like going back to the eighties and nearly 90. So I mean, well, you

spk_1:   6:15
couldn't be a sold his name and over these old maid.

spk_0:   6:19
Well, I was just I mean, when the first enough's enough album came in, I think I was, like, 15. So I was just, you know, young and inspiring musician And what? Not listening to whatever I could get my hands on, so I

spk_1:   6:34
didn't get a little beauty care of that. Now,

spk_0:   6:36
that's right. Coming out again. You're You're

spk_1:   6:39
shit. Yeah, well, it is what it is. You know, no option offers. A director was the last, uh, vinyl brother Nate, and, uh, that burger made in the States

spk_0:   6:52

spk_1:   6:53
it went to CD. And we're going to do that. Your mom and you got to do that for us.

spk_0:   6:59
Wow. I didn't know that I have the vinyl. I actually have a vinyl of strength from Europe. Um, yeah.

spk_1:   7:07
They got making well over there for a while.

spk_0:   7:09
Yeah, and I don't think animals know was done.

spk_1:   7:14
No, but I like that scratching sound. That's what I grew up here, and I want to hear

spk_0:   7:18
that my

spk_1:   7:19
fucking record on that. No need. No. That was my That was my dream. My goal wasn't saying four gin and money, rocks, terrorism are all of that shit that went along with that fucking girls and all that shit drugs. My goal is d'oh! Right. And saying songs that I thought we're in, you know, at the level of the things that I grew up listening to on, uh, you know, when you only have a record cover to look at and all the rest was off your imagination and the music you're listening to. Mike had one little picture or something, you know, But everything wasn't is oversaturated and and just given away and people trapped train trace against You are?

spk_0:   8:07
Yeah, because all you had was the l A ball. It was just like what was in the group and what you were listening to and then had the album cover. And that's all you could look at. You couldn't go on the Internet and find out of it. Everything you wanted to know about that band, right?

spk_1:   8:21
Everything you want to know is what they wanted you to know.

spk_0:   8:24
That's right. That's right. I mean, now. So I'm sorry. Go ahead.

spk_1:   8:28
All right, now you Now you cheat on your girlfriend. She knows about it. It's where you get

spk_0:   8:32
old. You don't mean that. We can't

spk_1:   8:35
fire bullshit. 37 pictures. Of'em saves both.

spk_0:   8:40
Exactly. Um, so, I mean, I was looking. We're speaking of that. I mean, I was just analyzing this cover for beautiful things. And I mean, it looks really amazing on the vinyl because you can actually see every detail in every little picture.

spk_1:   8:57
Yeah, it is a beautiful rafter recover. You know, it's like nuts. Enough was never known for ugly colors. So after the 1st 1 I thought was good. You know, I was left out of a lot of the decision making throughout the years, and, uh, maybe, uh, just believe so. It wasn't consistent And the frustration and, uh, alienation I fell in their van. Um, my voice is, Wouldn't wouldn't be heard. The bigger, mild kids. It's a bigger junk food, you know? So this reference number I made a point that once I decided that the title of beautiful things, that instead of what I would normally do is something sarcastic and retired like a fraud fucking a frog or some

spk_0:   9:51
shit like that, you know

spk_1:   9:52
that? Well, what do I think? What you see with the fans think is beautiful that make these records for them. And so I had them send everybody sent an image of picture. And then I had many artists. Jose does, and, uh, and Lee soaks. They put it together very well and is very aya Be appealing to the eye. And it's, uh, you know, it was like one of the batter colors that I can I can remember, you know, seeing vinyl covers. And, you know, I think it's red looks really cool, and it is what it is. And I chose a black this they asking what color destroyed along with the black, Of course. Ridiculous. And, uh, so we are is what they love it.

spk_0:   10:37
I like the, um this sticker on the vinyl itself because your logo actually looks like the kind of like the capital. Oh, yeah, with the clothes.

spk_1:   10:48
You think there are a few things here and there, but I think I can back it up.

spk_0:   10:52
Yeah, that's that's awesome. So in terms of the musicians that played on the album, can you give me a little insight of who participated in the making album of the album besides yourself?

spk_1:   11:05
The 1st 1 I reached out to was inside of mine First door We Ron with Mr Big and, uh,

spk_0:   11:14
he's a good

spk_1:   11:14
friend. I reached out to him and I said, Would you like to play on something? Would you mind playing on something because he's covered a couple of my tubes and these long you got, you know, so in charge after all these years? And he said, Well, send it to me. I sent in a ball of the song and you said, Yeah, sure, any scent of the tracks and he plays and stuff. And the intro that he played is was very, uh, very unusual. And my producer engineer jelly, real difficult time figuring out how to incorporate that into this record and, uh, I said we'd better looking. Figure it Allah be possessed. Paul Gilbert. That's what he does so well. And, you know, if you don't figure it out and see if he'll ever play another fucking thing on here. And and so I thought about it for a while and I, uh I, uh, just taking different ideas. And then I thought Thio taken their encounter counter plays his fires with, like, a keyboards, things like that. Listen, booze and getting off Sunday Zabar Cadavra, you know, And, uh, that's the first sound you hear on, Director. Is Paul turning out? Is the virus taking us down the rabbit hole? And and, uh, then you got Johnny Blonde Steve playing of some wasting daughters on some of it. We go, uh, Roger Joseph Manning junior from jellyfish. Amazing job keyboards and solo stuff on. I could save the world. There's Ah, dragon Pint was symphony axed ace player from Symphony actually. Get out UK and beautiful things. And I'll surrender military casing. Done. A great Chicago musician, I call in the nice Swiss Army knife. He plays anything. He comes down and gets the job done on anything and he did a great job on the base for the rest of the record and some acoustic guitar. I played bass on, following through the pages and, uh, filling God, you know, they're great body and mind it I grew up with, Came into saying background harmonies on on the record and, uh well, uh, O J J Award Another ship goggles siren, uh, like blues slide player. He played on under lights, and, um, I opened that they're getting anybody. I'm sure that I am, But the rest of it I've laid Oh, Elton Smith plays piano on their replayed, my piano parts on the fly and some other stuff. I'm a little bit of a hat, you know? But you need a better job than that. And I do believe that that could be about it.

spk_0:   14:03
That's a lot of players. That's awesome.

spk_1:   14:06
Yeah, it's a lot of players, but, you know, it's like divided up most of the parts that they played, you know, there's still a whole lot That's it that I had to do. My original plan was to not even play any instruments on this record. Just get oh, you gate, we got ah Matt Walker plays and drums from Garbage and, uh, Morsi back stuff like Daddy's Fantastic and Broken so plague germs on Beautiful things and I'll surrender.

spk_0:   14:35
Awesome. Um, now, since we were kind of mentioned the songs a little bit, but I'd like to go into them a little bit. Um, we didn't talk about beautiful things, and I was going to mention that gets harder. Intro. Um, it just there was something about it. At first I heard it. I was like, Wow, that's that's different. And then But it it's a weight really well into the song going into the vocal, which I thought was really cool. And then I was like, the only part of the song where it was played. It was just it was really natural, and

spk_1:   15:09
you have all heard something.

spk_0:   15:11

spk_1:   15:11
when I first got resolved to myself, how contract company goes, he said. Well, a lot of notes have been played, he says, but I still have worked, and Dio didn't know what he meant by that. I heard it on my own. That's that's definitely a lot of notes. What power is when he does, I can see a cross between music sport.

spk_0:   15:30
E agree,

spk_1:   15:32
You know, being that. But he doesn't like being Olympics.

spk_0:   15:36
Yeah, he is. He is a phenomenal guitar flare. No doubt about it. Letting James I love that Tonto. I love the fuel in the figure. Yeah, that's ah, it's phenomenal tune. Um, I like the smooth guitar lying like the tax. You're on the guitars and want not What's the premise of that song

spk_1:   15:57
play, Jane? Well, see, a lot of this record was written, um, like, uh, I don't know you. I told you, but I have written any songs, and that's four or five years. I kind of chucked it in was kind of done with all of that thinking. Well, you know, they don't love me now. We never will. My spirit and, like my, uh, soul has moved out of my body, and I needed some major rebuilding and reconstruction. Tear it down. You know, the terror terror down says Latin Band aids on it, you know, need to be brought down to the foundation to rebuild. It looks, um, just time just to myself. Why focus on anything but that? And, uh, When when I was ready again, my eye was like questioning God is the higher Dwight Howard saying, Well, are we going to do this anymore? You know, I've been doing this. I've never not had the ideas, you know. And so I was like And then the next day I could see the world came to me and after that came breaking me down. This NASA lot of those songs really pretty quickly. I'm demo, all of them. So that everything you hear basically demos It's just cleaned up in Plain Jane was you think we thought we had the record done and there was something called troublemaker that were put out. And, uh, this is too heavy and sounded too much. Enough's enough for the record. And so I was just feeling around the guitar and the play. Jean Rhys came to me, and, uh, Song kinda wrote itself a lot of them Do I Listen, I was into what it wants to be in my saddle of this song, and that one was just raw and, you know, just there's no keyboards, really. There's a little bit in it, but just like your ah you know, fashion powered pop song Tonight. Tonight I started writing a plane. James was the Titan. The words the chorus words came to me right off the bat, and I started thinking, What a great thing that is because everybody writes songs about the hot chick, you know? But the high check is never been shaped. You can marry for having 10 relationship with got eyes in the back of the head. And the good ones are the girl next door the ones that are steps in depth and listen and so plain Jane. Plus, I figured well Oh, so I figured Well, you know, girls are gonna love this majority. You're clean change, you know? Help me. You know, it's being an older man. Probably get more chicks

spk_0:   18:44
for them

spk_1:   18:45
for them, you know?

spk_0:   18:46
I mean, they

spk_1:   18:46
deserve it for them.

spk_0:   18:48
That's awesome. I mean, listen to the album from front to back it really get. There's a lot of it's really positive, like it's just that feeling you get when you listen to most of the songs. I mean, although some of the lyrical content might be a little bit of melancholia times it, I mean, it's still upbeat. I think of the song breaking me down that he did mention being someone who has recently had relationship issues their lines in that song that I can really relate to.

spk_1:   19:13
Yeah, well, it's late. Save me. Yeah, I spent a few situations like that. The good ones that came along in my life where I didn't feel very comfortable with, You know, I was kind of self, you know, it's secure and kind of like a piece of shit, you know? So the good ones, I always, you know, consciously spare them from me, you know? I mean, that's a song that that's, uh I kind of like a you know, I'm gonna step out of this and how much I dig me because I don't want to break your heart Military life in part. Always in that that was a second song came to me.

spk_0:   19:51
Wow. Well, that's pretty cool. I mean, I love the first line and I could save the world. Would you sell it? Led Zeppelin, Stones and Beatles hooking up with girlfriends face to face, like those lyrics or something again, and relate to living in the world. It seems a little different to me. Those those words really wrong. Really. Well, I mean, and then that other line I want to bring back the good. I want the good ship brought back, and not kind of, you know, I thought that was cool. Um, you know, I

spk_1:   20:19
mean, I mean, literally. I was thinking to myself, you know, I really need to make so you know, this shit that's wrong with the world and shit that's falling apart and everything is going bad is unnecessary shit, you know? I mean, it's just a matter of this. People just know you've got together and as well as a planet and decided enough of this shit and, you know, brought it back to what the world needs is a king number of detainees. They don't have to go through the gift of Logan, get those and that through legislation, all that shit. And like a king, I say, Well, if I was looking for you, the world, I just save it. There's a lot more detail, but basically, you know what? So far, the arts and crafts and and, uh, relationships and things like that go. I mean, that was pretty, you know, I don't know how how old you are, but you know in those days And, uh, you know, there was. It's not totally themselves like everything was great. Everything shit now But it was It was like things were a lot more special. Music industry was special. Things evolved, things got better. We had was fun listening. This stuff used to be all the party, and it wasn't a neurologist. Stibel rule where Where we don't know anything you do is your legal and all of that shit. We had people trying to save the planet John Lennon and Martin Luther King Guys of that nature and a pretty, uh, you know, it's pretty simple. Once I had the concept of the very first line came to me with we got left Jack Flintstones and deals. Matches still get where That's just you know, like I said, I followed the song. It was all pretty obvious from there on in, Just find the right words that roll off your tongue and say What I want to say. Try not to fuck it up.

spk_0:   22:08
That's awesome. That's awesome. I would talk about it fly, But you know what? Mostly that song is like I listen to it, and sometimes I hate to say it. I have to change it because of I mean, like, I just, uh related to Dr Relationships. Well, no, it's just It's such a great song. And I you know what kind of times it kind of makes me side. So it was just like I don't think I want to listen to this one right now. But that

spk_1:   22:36
song it's not a song like that, though. It's a song of hope. And like I was lost, I was complete 12 Lost Mass from all of my life. Okay said when they do that read Il got in that program and, uh, they had some, you know, was I went to the same called celebrating covering. I ended up and playing for it did kind of their entertainment Church meets an n a meeting and and that whole spirituality rose in me. And I realized at one point watching all the new candidates come into the program of man. I feel so invigorated. I feel alive again. I feel like my soul is back. I feel better than I ever have with their of the and everything. And I'm just saying, you know, if I could do this you could leave this these few simple steps. You just you got sick of that, You'd have to decide that. All right, I'm done with the woe is me. I've done this banana gonna change these things and, uh, and try to get more I trying to be the person that I wanted to be when I was a kid. And it's a song of hope and encouragement that, Yeah, you can do this. You can smile again. You can not be a, you know, a piece of shit. So it's not a sad,

spk_0:   23:55

spk_1:   23:56
county for a guy like, you

spk_0:   23:59
know, I loved those songs, man. I mean, I'm God, you explain that to me because now my perspective of it is gonna be a little bit different and I'll be I'll be listening to it differently. I think it was more of the piano music because I like that kind of stuff. So I mean, it was just I didn't analyze it to too much because, you know, what kind of music was just kind of like a home in it was kind of deep to me. So it was It was

spk_1:   24:27
playing good feel. Um, we couldn't record into a quick track. It just wasn't happening. So I actually the piano player sat down and learned my parts and he played it and I sang it without a quick. It was just life through the piano, in the vocal, all the way through. We had as if you, Ah, nuts and Cherries with cream on top of it, but at home. But yeah, most of the record, even the things I talk about that might have a negative connotation. It's not me getting this shit end of the stick anymore. It's kind of like I brought even like the the more cynical topics into a positive light with positive music as well. And as were a lot of the nuts in ocean past where I was, you know, kind of lonely and sad, fucked up on drugs that reflected in my songs. But I write and feeling around in the dark from lost other lost souls at myself and the biggest payoff that you could work more than any mornings. When somebody says that you saved my life, I realized somebody out there felt I felt my pain this in admin, and I wrote a lot of them two myself will put him out there and see if there's no hope for me. You know what? Maybe it's like, uh, fact one or two out other out there, and that's what I got my whole goal, and that's what I live for. These songs don't blow him to me, and I'm blowing the chips enough. They don't belong to the city with the label's songs, belong to fans and belong to the ones who love them

spk_0:   26:00
where they should be, right? Exactly. Um, now getting to tender lights. That's an interesting title. But the more I listen to it when you get to the courts, the tender lights of love that I bring us home Man, how did you come up with that? That is that is a great line.

spk_1:   26:18
Um, well, you know, that's a cynical Zain. Kind of like a true story.

spk_0:   26:23

spk_1:   26:23
think it's probably the case with a lot of relationships and marriages that last a while, and, uh, you know, the girl seemed kind of started doing her own thing, and he finds his man cave and does his own thing and and they stay out of each other's hair, and that's the secret to a successful relationship which, sadly true, that's how you make it function. But people change that once the best behavior day like that. It, uh you know, it's like he got a Sometimes you gotta split for a little while and get out there and see what I thought. You think you're missing, But then you realize you you really, uh you where you're supposed to be And it's, uh, you know, you leave and things get dark, things get bad that it's you realize that I love this person, and and, uh, you're lonely and you're out there gobbling it locked up drinking because you're miserable about, you know, jealous what she's doing now and stuff that you see that time to lighten up and she will bring you know what? It brings you back and love brings back. And, uh, I think it was It was really good. It's like like I said, you know, I follow the songs and tell me what they want to be. They have their own lives, and you know that just kind of just I have to just fill in the blanks and fill in the missing words and things like that, but you know, takes on a life, and that song is actually starting to cross over into the into the southern country market.

spk_0:   27:57
Really, it's a great song, I mean, and then one

spk_1:   28:03
of my favors on the record,

spk_0:   28:05
it's really Yeah. I mean, it's great to go to turn over the record, and it's like the first cut on site to instead of it being a CD where it's all continuous, right? It's turned,

spk_1:   28:15
actually not been played the record and listen to it that way. I, uh I don't really play the CDs when I'm finished with. The record is like the last thing. I want to hear that shit because you heard athlete be We know every this. I mean, that mixes shit like that. It's like the last thing you wanna hear. But once I got actor and I listen to it, uh, I'm really crowded and I could listen to this record. It's enjoyable, you know, like a lot of the stuff I had touched back on. I've never listened to the record as a record. I don't have a turntable. I've gotta shoot Women took me out, right? I thought we got mine after you got yours, You sons of bitches! Give

spk_0:   28:56

spk_1:   28:56
my shit. No, Angel finally got a couple in giving one away today to the engineer.

spk_0:   29:03
That's awesome. Yeah, it's I mean, yeah, that's fantastic. It, Like I said, it looks great. It sounds great. Um, now, getting to all surrender. Um, I mean, starting over. It kind of it kind of lose to the fact of starting over, and that's a tough thing. Relationship wise. Even speaking, those words leave you kind of vulnerable even maybe for you singing it, Um, the song. To me, it's almost like therapy, right? It puts things into perspective, starting all over, letting someone in, which can be hard to do.

spk_1:   29:37
Yeah, you're apprehensive. You're like, Fuck this. I have done this and done this a 1,000,000 times, and this is never blinked relationships. And remember, I'm not lucky at love, you know, because my I'm married. I'm married to something else that has to come first in any relationships. I've been in hell. Girls say can't take something coming before them. And so that becomes like a They think that is like another girl. Thunder sound jealous on it. They start hating it. And I just decided, you know, that's not happening anymore from being. And to this day, I live on that. I've been single since my baby said, You know, I'm finally single now and apprehensive about that kind of shit. And and so that song is you know, I you meet a pretty girl, I meet somebody, and it seems really great, Like a lot of Bill in the beginning. It's like, I don't want to do this, you know? But all right, You know, it's like you don't go on, try different things, and you're just you're gonna not just going to stay where you are. So it's like a what? The fuck song? You know? All right. I thought Fuck it, I surrender. Let's go for it again. And I can't wait to see how you fucking tear my fucking life apart.

spk_0:   30:54
Yeah, exactly like that. That's good. Um uh, now, as we get to whatever, After the lyrical content of the I surrender, this kind of lightens the mood a little bit. It's happy. This this seems like a song of reflection. It really captures. I mean, what you want. The listener's hearing seems that the album itself essentially personal account on various topics of things in your life. Um, would you agree with that?

spk_1:   31:22
Yeah, whatever is is basically my bio. You know, it's not. It's autobiography of my life. And you know when if you cut it off at the pass that people are gonna talk shit about you if you say it first. There's nothing it's no fun for them to to get by noon. So it's like I'm acknowledging. Yeah, I was a witness. I was aware of all these things and here's what I went through And here's what I am is, like a synopsis or the criminals in my life and we're on at today and I think it's a catchy little melody and, uh, cat very simple song. And I think a lot of verses to it, which was nearly be out because I'm usually after the second verse again into the chorus. But there's this was too much needed to be said, and I had that melody tooling around in my head for years and then find Trick it out where it went and he said really nicely. In the record, All the song sequence perfectly Yeah. No, it was, Ah, a sequence that just told me as well where it wanted to go. There was no no question about it. We'll go and it sat really nicely right there.

spk_0:   32:28
Yeah, and and that's funny. I was gonna match in a bit of sequencing of the songs, because everything flows so well and it's it's like a It's like a painting or something, a puzzle that all comes together like it's really

spk_1:   32:41
kind of like a perfect record. As far as anything that I've done, it feels like it's perfect. I have the last word, every last to know that it was. It was done with a paintbrush and not a roller. Like I

spk_0:   32:53
always say,

spk_1:   32:54
that artist canvas and I paid on sirens, you know, And when you use a roller like enough's enough, that was very cooking. Carter Sound that, uh, as much as I tried getting out doing production things, nobody else on the chimp didn't understand that stuff, and I don't consider it really that much of an artist with no disrespect to him but doesn't have a full grasp of the art of it. His priorities were different than mine, right? Um and it's just this way. Was like, you know, you get an instrument, you have an instrument. There is sitting down Thio produce and make a record. Spaniards Long's into there. You A lot of times you have a tendency to play that instrument through the whole fucking song I need. Sometimes it just needs I know you are one little piece here in that. And so, you know, the production. This that was the coach ain't opened it. Yeah, I was a very good guy. Mix it. My Solan the asshole. But he's a great created. What he does, I think, is good at what he does is I am. And I became a problem about

spk_0:   34:04
yes, you are. That you would definitely are. I mean, yeah, I'm talking about Flo. I mean, I was listening to animals with human intelligence today and and that all of them kind of it kind of confused me a little bit because their songs that had the old sound and then he had songs like Black Rain and Master Pain that we're a little bit heavier. And then there was taking a ride was a little bit of psychedelic, and, um I always thought that rock and world to me was more of an opening track. It was the closing track. So, um, I actually first time I heard that song was not on the album. And it's why my assumption always was that that was the opening track. And then when I finally got the album, it was actually closer. So it was.

spk_1:   34:50
That song was never really, uh and got to appeal to me, that was, like the first track. Superstitious, those those tracks, you know,

spk_0:   35:02
they've been

spk_1:   35:02
around and never really appealed to me. Kind of sound like gang bobo rock and stuff like that, which I don't do. And, um, And that rock of reason, it sounds like it does because I started taking over. You're very well from strength. I started really taking over all the lady and that record The scientist quiet Davis after he got out of the actual disaster and choir signed the band primarily just for the song innocents. That's the only thing he was concerned about. And he asked me at the meeting. Thank you. Uh, can you write me another powered out And I went home. And that night, right by your side Demory the next day and send it to he's a man perfect song. But, well, he, uh, his suggestions or his wishes were we're going to get a producer to produces rich, easy, overproduced innocents right by your side. And and, uh, these days, you really care that much about that. But he cared about those songs. He was ultimately what? I didn't understand that. They added, And you know, Aristide records have no rock market Noah network whatsoever. So, you know, it's time site is inside. You could kind of see now where his head was that I didn't kind of go along with that, but that in time, which that would.

spk_0:   36:29

spk_1:   36:30
he said he let us produce the entire rest of the record, which we only did produce our own shit. I produced my own shit strength. I had a producer in there with me, and we went to town about strange and all, all the different things like that. But yeah, that record animals. It was the last thing, really, with Derek and, uh, sick. Jake left right after the tracking of Dad. And so it was a combo, and it was a Miss Martian. I didn't really have much to do with the sequencing. Yeah, rocking world was number Never faded. Mind still alive? Um, that the people love. But you're stoned and shit like that that I I just think our cheeks city throwaways that they turn into something. This is other people in the van that considered their opinions. And what they want to do is well, so no, I

spk_0:   37:24
mean, I still I love the album. I just It was just It's just, uh this is the different song writing. It's a difference. Like waist

spk_1:   37:32
up, one step closer to the u. N. These days,

spk_0:   37:35
anything like

spk_1:   37:36
that. Those are the master of pain. That was You know, that was just my I just had to start working with low d tuning Brody cartoony. And that's it. That road around. I mean, every note you play a chord notices slit resonate nice and greasy. And I was kind of fucking around with this chicken. It was right across the street and crazy girls, sir club. And we go over there all the time. And I was like, Man, I need a fucking to for these fucking chicks and play you know,

spk_0:   38:10
a fly

spk_1:   38:10
around shit understand? Lyrically went with, uh, you know, another. And, uh, I I'll tell you who I was at that time, but I like the popular stuff. Love train shit like that, you know that. Ah, fun song. Yeah,

spk_0:   38:28
Yeah. The ones that the first ones you mentioned like these days and one's closer Those are actually my favorite tunes on the album that when I got it, those were the ones that I played over and over again because I I like those the, you know, like that melodic pop sensuality. You know, those type of songs, those there are more of the stuff that I gravitated, right? Right. Those other

spk_1:   38:50
ones you mentioned this don't have that. And my heart's not in those. And, you know, I like more melodic stuff in the sequencing of the records. Like I said, we're not. None of that shit was ever in my control. It you got a record called Welcome to who I was.

spk_0:   39:04
Yeah, we're,

spk_1:   39:05
uh, that look you can tell right there. I didn't sequence because there's a song that I called the over Joe. And where Lejeune naturally assume that the older chair will go on the record, you know,

spk_0:   39:17

spk_1:   39:17
would you Where would you think that the over Jim will be

spk_0:   39:21
with the overture? Be at the end? Or would it be

spk_1:   39:24
the young? That's the apple on

spk_0:   39:27
Nazi. Ah palak you

spk_1:   39:29
goto if you go to Ah, an opera or working steamship What you see over here?

spk_0:   39:36
I've never been to one So it's gonna be Daniel. It's the control.

spk_1:   39:39
It's like

spk_0:   39:40
she's a

spk_1:   39:41
superstar son. Like that very intro that shuts up Stephen the vibe of the record it's in and go look and see where it lies on the rocket Welcome. Before you see you see who is driving the bus somewhat with with the ideas didn't

spk_0:   39:57
quite grasp

spk_1:   39:58
the concept. And he's away the overture like you said, you thought it was in the end, you wouldn't think it would be something in the middle with, you

spk_0:   40:06
know, I'm just I I didn't know, you know, I actually have two copies of that album to two copies of our CD because I have different versions of it with some great record.

spk_1:   40:18
It was it was ruined in Mexico, so

spk_0:   40:21
they did

spk_1:   40:21
a lot of cool production a lot of instrumentation on that. Yeah. You know, when somebody goes into mixers it without me There behind my back. Like there's a song on there called Send American Journey, which I wrote that song doesn't It was on a cruise stick these in a weird tuning. They float all the way through, Apparently raids on or something, right? It's load all the way through. It was really cool. Another surgeon will start adding little bits and pieces start bringing different things in here in their towards, you know, after Goes through one time on the acoustic, which would have made it very special for me. Very, uh, you know, like something that people can reveres again. You know, the clap on? Yes. Or, you know, one of those rush songs or something that was really crews cool, increasing teasers, that plan and that just got ruined it, like a little sketch in the different things. And just all is I'll put in because I would record. Like I said, sometimes you sit there

spk_0:   41:19

spk_1:   41:19
your instrument and we play all the way through the song, you know? But I know where we're out keeping what I won't keep it this and that would have the options. And so the mix, just everything that I put in, like a fucking don't talking that That was the last record for me in that. In that situation, that band for the key back in the one more lockers done after four or five years? No, but I basically that sunken solo record, uh, you know, playing on it.

spk_0:   41:50

spk_1:   41:50
But yeah, that was enough to be doing. Now, listen, this is my creativity is getting cock block and I can't grow, and I can't do make records, and I want to make it for whatever reasons, ego or something. Like people that aren't particularly the brightest people in the world who think they're geniuses. Those are dangerous. You know, those people are dangerous. And, uh so yeah, I just said that's enough of that. And that was another reading. Old time? No, for me. I've been fucked up and shouldn't. But that was enough of that shit from being an actor. The visit and Dracula is my favorite. Enough's enough. Welcome to Blind is my second favorite. You go back and Paris in the early evening. I served everything just single back is I think I'm growing. I have a policy with no self. My next venture is going to be better for is good and evolved continuously there. No, I'm not doing that anymore. And I feel I'm not doing that any more than there's no reason to put out another leopard. I'm not gonna be, You know, Paul McCartney adjust aid, putting our records and leaving, You know, I don't have a listen to the last time phone card. The record is that this is not kicking my ass. Like the early good stuff. No, not to be anything, but I think I'm taking Paul McCartney's ass. Sees it. But now the beautiful things back, you know, I'm not being one. I'm not gonna be another artist like that. You know? There's just that. Then go play the stuff you've got. You mean kill your best stuff you carried also surrender. And I want you to want me and stuff. You know, they have many, many great rappers.

spk_0:   43:34
They evolved

spk_1:   43:35
Thio, I do believe I've heard recent ones, but I'm not gonna do you know, I get tired new saying I am a shell baby loves you Shit like that That's the same set list I look at every night when I walk on stage, regardless how I felt

spk_0:   43:50

spk_1:   43:50
it like it was laminated laminated set list that I just walked out and stared at it. Give it the singer and kick it off the stage and go back, go right into his old fucking tune. Reality of the newer stuff in our sand Really die hard fans that would find us and follow us into oblivion into the abyss. They appreciate name well again, Uh, from the songs from the songs and the way they evolved and that continuously would make a, you know, we may have the process of growing and finding new. I mean, how many know what he's in? Harmony cords? Can you put together for those few days 1/4 to me, nobody's seen you put to those that haven't been done like something Good luck and God and whatever powers. Maybe I, uh I find ways to do it. And, uh, I forget we're talking about now about

spk_0:   44:46

spk_1:   44:47
Well, welcome, Gilliland. Distance dissonance is open. That power pop, that is mean

spk_0:   44:53
His Yes, I It's up. That is the one that Jackie Lee is on. Yes. Yeah. Good. Good

spk_1:   45:00
friend. He was hanging around the studio a lot out of Vegas and a good friend of mine in front of the Engineer and Jonah. It's Vinny Castaldo tone tone factory or total words, whatever it was called. But Jake would come out hanger and second Big 20 dinners with Dad, Mom and, uh, So you, Jake, in those days, I wanted you to know him. This kind of introverted, tortured genius in just in time Does he always kind of booze going tomatoes into smaller stages again and shit like that? But I knew him from those days. We had something to sometimes data to talk about this in, and he hadn't done it so many years. And I might You know, Jake. Yeah, Well, gee, I didn't really retire. I'm genuine. I said, hey, now would you play the solo on this? You have a view. We're kind of party in. That was in town with a party in there. No people of solo. And that's but he switches. So just take off in the middle of the solo. It's like one taking might do. There is no punching any switching the pickups and different sounds. Cities so much better player than I ever thought. Iwas that he, uh Then we just I asked him in. Vinnie asked him if he would reinforce that I played all the guitar on that record. If he would reinforce the tones and the sounds was no better technique and shit coming a hack and he did that. And, um, you got it, and it gets locked on it, so he didn't do anything further, But Jake is great. They asked. Yeah, his president, whatever label we started up that that red whatever

spk_0:   46:42
trick I relate,

spk_1:   46:44
they asked me to be a singer,

spk_0:   46:46
and I'm talking

spk_1:   46:47
to the guy leading man. I was like, Well, first of all, I said, Although I'm not gonna just come down singing melodies and lyrics and shit you have, there's no reason to get me if I'm not doing my thing to it. And so we kind of had a little falling out there. But I also asked him. I said, Have you talked to Jake about this is Jake and asked if he wants me to sing in? The band was generally considered me a little popular than done anything that he would really like to do. So, yeah. Jake, you really fantastic. You're still getting your shit together, you know, and not getting off jobs and shit did. And now he's not playing again.

spk_0:   47:29
I'm all for it. It's great.

spk_1:   47:32
Sorry. In the window.

spk_0:   47:34
No, no, it's good. Man is fantastic, huh? No one. That's that's I mean, are you Is there any plans to do any shows? Yeah. Like

spk_1:   47:46
I said, I'm a did one day about a month ago with kind of something that wasn't prepared, thrown together and for one reason or another, Couldn't cancel it. That was sold out. And I tried to think of any way I could, but I couldn't. And it it was, uh, a train that is well received. The fans love it. All I gotta do is show up. Vertical need is on the guy, and you don't want to see it. And without the guy, the voice you hear and it got me

spk_0:   48:17
in the

spk_1:   48:17
eye, you know, it's like unless he's dead. You mean so Yeah, I'm putting together that now, looking at a few agents season. You, uh that's why I say I'm releasing a new single, probably

spk_0:   48:30

spk_1:   48:31
the next few weeks. Thio Words Houston Beautiful things up this time getting deflating a little bit. I don't want to give up on its two. Good.

spk_0:   48:41
There's gotta be

spk_1:   48:41
a good band of God. I wanted these things to Sean, you know, you could strip it down and do it three piece and the raw, punky version of all that stuff. I don't think it's doing justice. And I want when you come to see a show than they do. You know, it's a lot of nostalgia and a lot of catalog

spk_0:   48:59

spk_1:   49:00
I wanted to be able. Thio, you know, hearing this sound like a fucking sound like the record sounds something really good where you could record it live. Haven't actually, you know, something different than the record, but but with the same integrity. And so it is difficult getting the right guys for that. I'm looking for guitar players and and, uh, you know, there you get a lot of guys that are, like on the guy, and, uh then there's someone in there doing the Derrick free go thing with the Eddie Van Halen. You nag. No, no, no, no. No, uh, looking for more of something. Have you heard the records? You've heard my news director, The direction that I want to go. Of course, 2/3 of the set will be going through the catalogue and off for years, you know, but blesses a brought down section where me and piano or acoustic, retired general, out of that stuff do fly and a bridge over troubled water. Things like that. But I want to be special. You might have to use some tracks backing tracks would rather than a bigger band. That was kind of a clusterfuck tried and the people playing on shit. So thinking these backing tracks or whatever it takes But in the process right now, putting that together and looking for the right guy I got I got me a singer baseball air guitar recording a charmer under guitar player and singer. So on the hack, my instrument singing. But you gotta find the right guy there. We'll take it from that point forward.

spk_0:   50:39
That's fantastic. I mean, my biggest disappointment in I've seen enough enough twice, but I haven't seen enough's enough because I never got the privilege of seeing you as the same. So that's all good.

spk_1:   50:51
But that's not my fault. I'm sorry,

spk_0:   50:55
but, hey, it's

spk_1:   50:55
not enough to be buried at Cemetery.

spk_0:   50:59
Well, it is what it is. I mean, luckily, there was other other bands on the bill like M three lost, That's all.

spk_1:   51:07
That's all. They keep laying it out there celebrating the 30th anniversary. Well, for Boston up on. What were you celebrating? What? What is your Dirty Dan? Adversity being a bass player in the to restart a cornflake box? You don't see that There's nobody in the van. The guy is not there. No, I mean, I even approached him at one point within the last few years about maybe doing a reunion show or two just for the fans sake. Man on. He wasn't receptive before I play his own agenda, and I always wanted to be wanted my job. And I feel that when you're the greatest bass player in the history of polyp op, that's and that's a great thing. And so now contribute less you can and focus on your strength. If you're not showing your strength, you're showing your weakness is That's what I believe in doing now, and it really pisses me off because there's things I won't go into so violated. So, uh, it's like a picture that you you build incompetent. You started your whatever you do, you have an assistant or someone that helps you. And, uh, there was you and and then you go and take a hiatus. Go there, teacher. Take a break a break and get a breath and get your shit together and you come back. Somebody has moved into your house blocking your wife. Your Children called him dad. He's using your identity, your driver's license, your credit cards and everything, and you can't even use them. He's legally trademarked the fucking name and stuff behind my back. And because this is fucking violating shit, he's doing different little deals with my songs and and, uh, you know, cutting the vocals and singing himself on climate shell, putting B movies and other artists listening other artists. So I'm going to ask out and I look in my sister's like, we'll focus this guy who I don't fuck. You know, that is, it shouldn't be on that. No, but there's all this shit is very violating, and he's pretty much nailing the door shut And any opportunities Potentially doing something together. I still got here allows from the sands of I wish you guys would just make up Get back together again. Why? Why do you want my What am I lacking now? That that I had better I had before Was it heavy? Because you like the heavy shit? Well, I still got that. I wrote all of that. You know, you don't know what the future holds, but what am I lacking? One. No one should get back together with your ex wife. I thought you made a cute couple. I

spk_0:   53:47
mean, yeah, that's good point. I mean, hopefully hopefully at some point I will get I will be able to get it and see you. Where do

spk_1:   53:57
you see me? And I'll be doing all those great songs. I mean,

spk_0:   54:00
so I'll be happy. Let's get Let's make

spk_1:   54:04
sure I don't get you. I will not let you never have

spk_0:   54:07

spk_1:   54:07
delivered 100% dying my whole career.

spk_0:   54:10
That's awesome, Dani. Well, I will. I will let you go. But I appreciate your time. And I appreciate all the great I mean, giving me the whole insight on the AL woman and the stories and what not. I really enjoy it

spk_1:   54:24
yourself thinking, thinking

spk_0:   54:27
we'll talk t o wait a while, wait.